Loan Types

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is the use of a loan or lease to purchase or borrow hard assets for your business.  Equipment financing refers to a loan used to purchase business-related equipment, such as a restaurant oven, a vehicle, a new operating system, or even a copier scanner.  Equipment loans provide for periodic payments that include interest and principal over a fixed term.


For many businesses, equipment is the vital component driving their revenue. Equipment could be part of the actual service that your customers use or the source of how your product or service is created. It’s necessary to have the equipment that produces quality expectations, which requires regular replacements, repairs, and upgrades to newer models. These are often very expensive, maybe even the biggest expenses for businesses who are dependent on equipment.

Business Line of Credit

Small Business Credit Lines / Business Revolving Line of Credit / Unsecured Business Lines of CreditAccess to the capital you need, when you need it, on your terms. No Prepayment Penalties, Just Prepayment Discounts, And Access to More Funds.


Most small business cross paths with an opportunity presented where they could benefit from having additional capital. It’s also expected that a company is going to face hardships where they’re required to deviate from their regular budget, and for a small business that can cause predicaments as they are forced to cutback on other expenses or draw from their revenue. Whether it’s for an unexpected emergency or a profitable opportunity, having a Small Business Line of Credit allows a company to immediately access funds at their disposal.

Unsecured Working Capital

US Fund Source provides unsecured working capital loans that are designed with speed, simplicity, and no required collateral or personal guarantee. Unsecured business loans provide a fast and flexible private lending solution that can be funded the same day as applying. Flexible repayments can be remitted daily, weekly, or monthly and are deducted automatically via ACH ( Automated Clearing House ) from your business banking account.


When working capital is needed now, merchant cash advances are a preferred method used by businesses. Traditional banks tend to take their time approving business loans, so it may benefit a company to receive cash immediately by leveraging future earnings in a business-to-business transaction. After the funds are advanced, the loan is paid back through a percentage of credit card deposits or fixed/adjusted ach payments withheld by the lender until the repayment completed. This approval process is rapid with funds often accessible within 1 day, and it’s an option that most businesses easily qualify for.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring, also known as “invoice financing”, is a quick solution to receive capital on time.  It is a financial transaction in which a business sells its AR ( Accounts Receivables or Invoices) at a discount to an external financing company. This enables the company selling its invoices or AR to receive the funds much sooner than waiting the typical net 30,60, or 90.


Small businesses have the opportunity to invoice a single invoice, called “spot factoring”, where they can exchange to a lender for a one time transaction. It’s not fund-seeker’s credit that lender’s focused on, rather the customer’s as they are the one providing the value in the invoice. However, the transaction between the business and lender is completely discrete, preserving any unnecessary confusion with the customer.

SBA Loans

The United States Small Business Administration has created 3 different programs for new and small business across America. This enables a business to go through a SBA program to find a solution that fits rather than going through the traditional and typically long drawn out banking process. With the government agreeing to cover a majority of the SBA lending institutions, funding is more easily approved to aid small businesses. SBA Loans provide some of the best rates and longest terms in small business lending.

Term Loans

Whether its running into a growth opportunity or needing capital for a specific equipment or inventory purchase, a small business term loan can help. Our goal is to guide you through your unique financial needs. With little restriction and a much easier process than traditional banking this type of loan can be extremely beneficial to small business owners.

Sometimes your business runs into something unexpected. Maybe business is growing and you need more delivery trucks, or maybe your oven broke down and you need to replace it ASAP. Whatever your challenge is, a term loan can almost instantly increase your capital, allowing you to confidently face it.

Startup Loans

Your business ventures no longer need to be a dream. We’ve all heard, and come to realize, that it takes money to make money. It often takes more startup capital than a typical person can afford to kickstart a business. Even if it’s already a functioning business in the startup phase, many companies need seed capital to reach that next level of growth, which commonly outweigh their current margins. The research hours have been put in, the market is identified, and your predictions have been calculated. You see the future success of this venture, and the one thing you cannot change is the one thing holding you back. At US FUND SOURCE our products help you get over this hump. Acquiring a startup loan is a logical option for business owners to take on, as opposed to giving up equity in your company for an initial investment.

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