Business Line Of Credit
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Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Revolving Credit Lines up to $500,000.00

Most small business cross paths with an opportunity presented where they could benefit from having additional capital. It’s also expected that a company is going to face hardships where they’re required to deviate from their regular budget, and for a small business that can cause predicaments as they are forced to cutback on other expenses or draw from their revenue. Whether it’s for an unexpected emergency or a profitable opportunity, having a Small Business Line of Credit allows a company to immediately access funds at their disposal.

Why Choose BLOC?

  • Unsecured, meaning no collateral
  • Payments are tax deductible
  • Regularly increase your credit limit
  • Only pay on the funds used, not the loan amount
  • Pay off high interest loans/credit cards/advances as well as purchases for expansion, inventory, or unexpected opportunities/emergencies.


  • 6 months in Business
  • $100,000 in Annual Revenue

Benefits Of A BLOC?

  • Funds available on demand
  • Open line of credit for use at your disposal
  • Draw money from your limit at any time
  • No restrictions on use

Credit Lines

  • $2,500.00 to $500,000.00
  • Approvals in as fast as 20 minutes
  • Rates as low as 3.49%

Find out how much you qualify for: