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What is a Small Business Line of Credit? How does it work?

Article- What is a Small Business Line of Credit? How does it work?


What is a Business Line of Credit?

A Business Line of Credit is a method by which one can withdraw cash to cover any upfront/immediate expenses that may arise in their business. It is a type of loan that provides the flexibility that a conventional loan does not. With a business line of credit, you can borrow up to a specific limit, and you only pay interest on the portion of the money that you borrow. Credit line Small Business gives borrowers a maximum loan balance from lenders in which they can pull from as needed or as agreed when initially approved. Unsecured Business Credit Line decreases a companies risk to change and gives them the ability to expand their cash flow in numerous situations.


US Fund Source offers both secured and unsecured business lines of credit, each levying their perspective advantages. With a secured business line of credit, one will need to provide substantial collateral, whereas an unsecured business line of credit does not.


A small business line of credit (LOC) or (BLOC) attracts predetermined credit restrictions as needed, instead of one lump sum, regardless of the circumstance(s) that may not necessitate it. While many business owners cannot get a standard loan or line of credit on their own, US Fund Source expertly assists their clients in helping them secure cash lines within four to forty-eight hours. With this level of expedited convenience, it becomes increasingly difficult for a conventional lender to offer a client in need a better deal, as providers generally elect to deal solely with those who have what appears to be “pristine credit.” Over 50% of company proprietors’ have experienced cash circulation problems, and an unsecured business credit line can act as an essential lifeline.



Pros of Small Business Lines of Credit:


  1. Cash flow in the event of slow seasons
  2. Less Expensive Pay only for what you use
  3. Improved business adaptability
  4. Builds/Improves existing business credit
  5. Flexible if used within limits


Cons of Small Business Lines of Credit:


  1. Potential for Misuse
  2. Borrowing Limits can be slim to start
  3. Fees can be higher in the beginning
  4. Stricter qualifying criteria
  5. Choosing the right lender can be difficult and crucial



Credit Line Small Business – How to Obtain?


To qualify for a traditional line of credit with a bank, most lenders require at least two years of positive business history and a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue.  As such, traditional lending guidelines are not beneficial for clients seeking to improve their credit or get a head start with capital if they are newer in business. US Fund Source provides a financial technology platform for borrowers seeking an unsecured business line of credit with a minimum 500 credit score and six months in business.  US Fund Source aims to empower business owners by helping them better understand their company value, within the context of their specialized lending practices.


To safeguard their client’s credit score, US Fund Souce prides itself on establishing genuine relationships with reputable lenders by performing thorough background checks and analysis while remaining within the accreditations of the Better Business Bureau. US Fund Source also uses a Vantage 8 Score from Experian, which does not show up as a hard credit pull on your credit report. By utilizing highly accredited lenders, business owners can gain an even greater sense of security with USFundsource on their team. By working both strategically and cohesively, it is easy for clients, particularly those whose businesses are up and coming, to see the benefits of obtaining this type of small business credit line, and therefore reap the rewards that come with it.


A secured business line of credit is more difficult to obtain with the fact that collateral is involved versus that of an unsecured business credit line. With a greater sense of assurance, one can provide to a lender, the lower the interest rate and financial benefits one may receive. A withdrawal from a credit line issued by a specialty lender does not reflect upon a client’s credit score report and can help build business credit. One may wonder, “Why even need a lender when there are a multitude of credit card companies out there willing to approve me?”  US Fund Source has to successfully educate their clients by helping them gain a better understanding of why this is not an ideal strategy to pursue when in search of funding.


When applying for a credit line small business, you will need to provide a one-page application and your last 3 to 6 months of business banking statements. It all depends on your time in business, and some lines can even be opened and approved online within 5 minutes and with no documentation required. US Fund Source Business Lending Guidelines have been carefully created to help one better assess their value ԝhen applying for new or additional fixed-term financing. This also assists clients in obtaining revolving lines of credit that help in building business and personal creditworthiness.


How to grow borrowing strength-


For companies to grow their investments and pinpoint their best funding solutions, it is essential to understand the distinctions between a line of credit and a loan. One will not need to apply for a loan each time funds may become required. Once a company has been in operation for over two years, more traditional options become available in qualifying for a credit line small business without utilizing private loans. When small business owners find they need to make larger purchases, they can use an unsecured business line of credit, a traditional or working capital loan, or even a credit card with a high balance if it can be paid off quickly.


Unsecured Business Credit Line can resolve short-term and long term problems. During a period in which one has an open line of credit, one could cover expenses, take advantage of an unexpected opportunity, and relieve a strained credit score. Also, term loans can be paid back, even by those who don’t find themselves utilizing the full lump sum of the loan. Meaning that if a company owner had plans to expense a large purchase but did not end up following through for whatever reason, they can pay off other loans if they receive an early repayment deduction, and it makes sense.


By securing a business line of credit, one can afford to bridge the gap between payables and receivables, quickly fund a fluctuating payroll, or purchase seasonal inventory. Ꭺ business line of credit can allow one to invest into their seasonal stock, or any other type of expenses they may foresee, the possibilities are endless. An Unsecured Business Line of Credit becomes a viable option to get one the financing they desire, to aid the growth of their small business, and thus prosper for years of accumulated profit.


Securing a business line of credit allows companies to borrow money without having to tap into their company’s working capital or their private bank account. Since a lender ᴡill extensively, and oftentimes critically, assess a company’s credit score history, revenues, and bank statements, it is necessary to file these credentials properly and keep them both readily available and attractive, to secure the best offer possible. A working loan can offer instant cash for a client, with no annual review and the option to pay over time. Such an investment is excellent for the recipient, as it does not put any of their assets at risk. It is an effective way to make sure one can satisfy the ever-possible fluctuations that come along with running a successful business. Financial constraints can also be set in place to provide borrowers with an additional sense of security. An advantage of obtaining an unsecured business credit line si that interest rate will remain the same over the entire course of the loan’s duration. The borrower will be provided with a set repayment period in which the investment shall be expected to be paid off, usually in predetermined increments. You only pay for what you draw over how long you borrow it.



Business Credit Lines in a Nutshell-


Business lines of credit also usually have lower interest rates than business credit cards. The benefits of unsecured business credit line funding can vary greatly from all of the other loan types on the market. Eligibility, interest rates, and the types of documentation needed are all dependent on varying factors.  It is essential to identify the right amount of cash that will be comfortable for the client to afford each month to subsidize their payments as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, in today’s financial climate, many businesses and homeowners cannot rely on conventional sources of financing, such as а bank mortgages, credit cards, or home equity loans. To combat this, US Fund Source developed a dedicated team of financial experts that are rigorously trained to understand and differentiate your needs and goals from that mainstream lenders may advise. In turn, US Fund Source offers a tailor-fitted rewarding financial solution to help you and your business achieve its goals and success in a timely fashion.

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