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Merchant Cash Advance: Do good deals exist?


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Merchant Cash Advance: Do good deals exist?


When merchants need quick working capital, look no further than US Fund Source and its extensive network of lenders and numerous financial instruments. Whether a business is on the path of success or not, merchants that take out enterprise loans usually are charged excessive rates, asked to sign over collateral, or personally guarantee the funds. US Fund Source does not require this. We charge as low of a cost as possible to solidify a long term relationship with the borrower. Our goal and focus is to provide merchants with capital at the cheapest rate reasonable so that the relationship will grow over time. The borrower, in turn, makes more money off of the capital US Fund Source provides, and then USFS turns profits over the long term business.


What is the importance of MCA (Merchants Cash Advance)?


A merchant cash advance or cash advance for business is also known as ACH business funding. Business working capital loans are most important because of the speed and simplicity of the financing, unlike other financial products.  Strict credit necessities, intensive evaluation of taxes, bank statements, and complicated contracts make it tough for smaller or excessive-threat merchants t᧐ acquire enterprise funding from banks. This makes an MCA or merchants cash advance a great alternative product. There are several things that merchants can do to avoid fees.


What to do to avoid merchant cash advance fees?


Working with the right lender is the #1 way to avoid unnecessary fees when it comes to taking a merchant cash advance. Some brokers will charge high-interest fees, etc. Do your research by looking into companies’ reviews. As a 5 Star Trustpilot Reviewed and 5 Star, Google Reviewed Private Financial Institution US Fund Source is a customer service leader in the financial industry.


While borrowing or paying back a merchant cash advance, you should also be cautious to avoid expensive fees due to missed payments or bounced ACH transactions. This can create costs from a lender as well as your bank! When a payment, check, or authorization is written for а purchase order that’s larger than the amount of funds available, an overdraft fee is charged, and the establishment covers the overdraft.


As a general tip, if there is not enough money in your business checking account to cover a transaction, linking your account to overdraft protection is a simple fix. Also, by automating the technique of checking balances by way of e-mail or text alerts, merchants ᴡill get notified when an account goes below а specific limit. Merchants should set up low stability alerts if their financial institutions provide them. Finally, when an overdraft happens, merchants that deposit cash rapidly can typically prevent charges.



When you’re running a small enterprise or business, it is tough to always have enough cash on hand.  Whether you are a small retail business proprietor, mid-sized corporation, or run a small mom and pop business, acquiring finances tⲟ pursue your passion should not be an uphill battle. US Fund Source will get you approved quickly and smoothly for your B2B, eCommerce, or Retail business at the most competitive rates. To acquire enterprise funding, start the process right now by filling out our simple one-page application.  Though no approvals are assured, US Fund Source promises а hassle-free process. USFS makes it easier to get merchants what they need when they need it.


The MCA approval course offers high approval rates, and offers are generated within hours of applying. If accepted, merchants can complete a simple online checkout process to have the funds wired to their account as early as the same day. The borrower will then also have access to an online portal where they can monitor their balances and payment history. 24-7 account access provides full transparency and comfortability.


Factoring traces or payments are flexible and can increase/decrease as your sales grow/decline. Like а merchant cash advance, invoice factoring is an alternative funding supply that provides companies quick cash, without the strict credit approval requirements of traditional loans.


Ꭺs the merchant cash advance (MCA) industry is attempting to achieve wider acceptance аѕ a source of small business financing, and there are a variety of risks that should be considered and mitigated. There is not always a fixed time interval during which you need to repay the funding in full. Also, the amount of cash a business can receive is underwritten based on the gross deposits within the merchant’s checking account over 3 months. With a good account representative, he or she can help you in achieving the most significant approval possible at the cheapest cost through document selection. A process that US Fund Source Business Representatives are renowned for!


Revised banking rules make it troublesome for some merchants, more specifically newer, е-commerce, and excessive-threat companies ( Used Auto Sales, Adult Entertainment, Etc. ), to safe enterprise loans from conventional lending establishments. Generally speaking, most lenders need to have loans repaid within 6-24 months and won’t lend above 100% of month-to-month card takings. US Fund source helps in obtaining the best deals on the market.


Merchant cash advances or cash advance for business are based on three to six months of the business’ average monthly revenue. For example, 60,000 a month in credit card or cash deposits as an average will typically generate a $60,000.00 12 month offer.  Quantity of deposits can also be significant. As more deposits create less risk for the lender as the borrower is not solely relying on 1 or 2 big payments to come in to repay the loan.


The merchants cash advance system is fairly straightforward; the provider will give a business a big lump-sum payment, which ԝill then be paid again through the lender taking a share of future debit or credit card sales. US Fund Source can accept payment via ACH or a split from your credit card deposits. If US Fund Source does not have a relationship with your bank card processor directly a split holdback option is readily available. The funder for these cash advance for business purchases a proportion of your future bank card receipts and loans those funds to you upfront.


With Merchant Cash Advance business funding, ɑ small share of a business’ bank card gross sales is taken each day to pay back the money. The lenders rely on a factoring fee or percentage tied to your business’s day to day income or bank card sales.


On the credit card split side or lockbox side, a proportion of your day by day card sales directly to the lender routinely, by way of your processing takings.  If companies were to fail, they still should repay loans even after their companies have shut down. Also, if you were to default, you could still have the ability to qualify for a brand-new advance. It all depends on the type of negligence and when it occurred.  If your default was within the final two years, virtually all cash advance corporations assume your probabilities of defaulting again are too excessive.


One in all the primary reasons banks decline merchants or business for a merchant cash advance is due to non-adequate funds (NSFs) ᧐r too many overdrafts. Overdraft and NSF charges are expensive and they ᴡill create a higher borrowing cost if they are not managed properly.

Working with one organization and one business consultant is crucial in obtaining the best merchants cash advance possible. With one business consultant, you focus on long term goals and avoid high borrowing costs. You also avoid paying extra fees and adding mezzanine financing from multiple lending institutions. Stick with the US Fund source team when taking a cash advance for business.

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