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What You’ll Need to Get Started

Minimum Requirements

  • 3 months in business
  • $60,000 in annual revenue
  • 500+ FICO

What You’ll Need to Apply

  • Basic details about you and your business
  • 3-6 months of bank statements

Lending Products on Our Marketplace

Business Term Loan

Ready to take on a capital-intensive project? Finance the costs over a 5-year term or less.

Short-Term Loan

Need capital to address a short-term expense or opportunity? Get financing in as little as 24 hours.

SBA Loans

In need of capital, but you’re in no rush? SBA loans offer competitive rates and terms.

Working Capital Loans

In search of funds to cover your short-term operational needs? We’ve got you covered.

Equipment Financing

Need a new forklift? Piece of software? There are equipment financing options for nearly every asset.

Business Line of Credit

Have ongoing financial needs? A line of credit is the “there if you need it” solution.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Working capital tied up in unpaid invoices? Gain instant access to the cash you’re owed.

Commercial Loans

Looking to build, expand, or grow? Cover business-related expenses with flexible financing options.

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Have Questions?

How quickly can I get my funds?

Once approved, the process is quick and simple. Your funds are transferred directly into your business’s bank account, typically within 24 hours.

Is my business eligible?

Our minimum requirements are:

  • 3+ months in business
  • $5,000 monthly revenue or $60,000 annually
  • 500+ FICO score

To see if your business is eligible for funding, contact one of our expert Business Advisors at (855) 369-9269.

Which documents are required to complete your loan application?

Most loan options require 3 months of bank statements to review your business’s revenue data. You can upload statements directly or securely connect your business bank account.

Will exploring my loan options impact my credit score?

No. In order to make a credit decision we do a “soft pull”, which is a simple credit inquiry for pre-approval that won’t have any impact on your credit score. Specifically it is called a Vantage 8 Score from Experian.

How long is the financing period?

With a variety of lending options, financing terms can range from 3 months to 25 years.

Can I pay off my financing early?

Yes. Loan options can be paid off ahead of time without any additional fees or pre-payment penalties. As a matter of fact, most of our lending options have prepayment discounts attached!

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